My leather is the finest

Hey guys! Wezel here. Don’t want to brag but I’m pretty much the best quality Wezel you’ll find on this side of Lake Chaubunagungamaug. I’m made of Top Grain leather, which I inherited from my Uncle Saben. People love me because I’m not totally grainless but still have some of that durable grain. That makes me pretty appealing, even to the honeys. Other leathers that are cheaper and lesser quality are like the squirrels of the leather world. They pretend they’re not a rodent- looking all cute and fluffy- but under their disguise of fluff and adorable spastic movements, they are really just rats with a good PR agent. That is what Genuine and Bonded leather is like. Typically spray-painted to look like full or top grain leather. Imposters- I’ll have nothing of it. Let’s just say my skin is durable. I won’t crack or tear like Genuine or Bonded leather- just like my nemesis the squirrel. Cheers, Wezel   WezelWallets1

by The Wezel

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