Wezeling is easy. Here's how:

Step 1:

Open your Wezel.

Step 1 to Wezel Wallet

Step 2:

Slide cards together. The strongest way is to slide the cards together

How to Wezel Wallet Step 2

Step 3:

Wezel your phone between the front pocket tab and the spine of the wallet.

How to Wezel Wallet Step 3

Yes, this normal. Wezels are designed to be tight at first for two reasons: 1) To keep the wallet as slim as possible, and 2) The quality, Top-Grain leather we use stretches with time and will mold to your cards, creating a wallet custom to how you use your Wezel. Give it a few weeks, and your Wezel will be uniquely yours.

Tip: To speed the flattening process, weigh the Wezels down overnight with a stack of books or something else that's heavy.

WEZELS are hand crafted by skilled leather workers in the United States. They take two high quality pieces of leather and create the most awesome wallet that has ever graced your pockets.
We take pride in the wallets we make. The best leather and stitching is used to ensure that the WEZEL will last. In fact, we have so much trust in the durability of these wallets that we guarantee them for your LIFETIME. That's right, if your wallet starts failing we will replace it. No matter how long you have had it. That's how much WEZEL love you.
With it's unique three pocket design, the WEZEL can hold up to eight cards. But it's totally up to you to find that perfect amount of comfortability.
For the most part, we ship anywhere! After we receive an order we ship within the next business day. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 days for packages to arrive inside the US. Please allow a few more days anywhere outside the US. We hope you can last that long without your WEZEL.
We try and make sure that all of the wallets we send out are top notch, but occasionally one does slip by. So if your WEZEL wallet arrives and you find any manufacturing flaws within thirty days, we will replace it. Email us at wezelwallets@gmail.com with the problem and we will make sure that you and your wallet are well taken care of.
After you order your WEZEL we place it into one of our custom, slim cardboard packages. We then give it to our courier and they do the rest!
Have you ever seen a weasel in the wild? Yeah, we haven't either, and there is a reason why. They are known for being sleek and clever. Just like the WEZEL wallet. At only 4 by 2.75 in. the WEZEL will easily fit into your front pocket, hardly noticeable to you or others. If the front pocket isn't your style, then the WEZEL will slide into that back pocket and save your rear from those numb, tingling feelings.   .
Do I need to do anything special to care for my WEZEL?"] One of the highlights of the WEZEL is the ability to endure. Over time you will notice different amounts of push up, and some pretty cool blemishes. That is what makes your WEZEL unique. So you want to know the best way to care for your WEZEL? Spend one on one quality time with it. Take it to dinner with friends. Caress that top-grain leather. Allow it to hold and protect your precious cards and information. Or maybe just put it on your belly and watch that funny youtube video for the millionth time. Seriously though, the leather will show some wear, like good leather does. So keep on using it and make it your own.