A Talented Family

You’re in for a treat today—it’s story time with Wezel. Plus you get to meet a couple members of the Wezel family. You may have seen those awesome beard videos floating around our Facebook page. If you haven’t – well let’s just say we both know what you’ll be doing after this. Trust me, after this little storytelling session, you won’t be able to resist watching. In fact, my bet is you’ll probably watch them a couple times.

Beard Video

There’s actually some pretty juicy background to these little gems. You may be wondering where we found such riveting lyrics. Believe it or not, those lyrics can be found on Twitter. That’s right, we’re singing real live authentic tweets. I doubt many people can claim that one.

Kyle (I’ve told you about him before—the one with the king of all beards) is the kind of guy everyone loves to have hanging around the office. Anyone who listens to Kyle for more than five minutes will agree that his spontaneous outbursts are far too valuable not to be documented. Thus a Twitter account solely dedicated to Kyle’s musings was born. Scott (not featured in the video but another very valuable member of the family) began tweeting every hilarious, ridiculous, inspiring word spout Kyle produced. Genius right? The collection today is quite impressive. The lyrics merely represent a few of our personal favorites.

Kyle may have a way with words, but Shaun is the musically gifted one in the family (he’s the one singing and playing the piano like a boss). Here’s a bit of gossip for you—Shaun was on American Idol with David Archuleta. That’s right—we’ve got a little celebrity in the family. Shaun came up with all those catchy tunes in the videos on the spot. We gave him a tweet, and seconds later he had a jingle that left our feet tapping. Talk about talent. And with Tanner over there on backup—we’re thinking a boy band might be our next big break.

So there you have it. Quite a talented family, wouldn’t you agree? We’ll keep rolling out the videos on our Facebook page every Saturday morning, so don’t miss out on Kyle’s words of wisdom.




by The Wezel

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