Winning with Wezel

So I feel like it’s been a lot of Wezel this and Wezel that lately. Then again, this is my blog. Even so, today I will graciously share some Wezel secrets that will specifically benefit YOU.

My goal is to aid you in your quest to conquer one of the most important months of the entire year—March. Of course, March is great thanks to the sun finally shining, the little green men running around, and the excuse to eat unreasonable amounts of pie in the name of mathematics for one whole day, but let’s be real—when it comes down to it, the only truly important thing about this month is the basketball.

Fun Fact: Wezel is a March Madness Maniac. Which is exactly why I am making it my first and foremost priority for the next few weeks to be here for you and you alone—on my watch, you will not miss a single game. I repeat, regardless of what you are doing, not one second of March Madness will be missed. You will have multitasking down to a fine science.

Still not convinced? Well take a break from perfecting those brackets (mine is already complete, and I guarantee I will crush you), and check out the hard proof below:

Standing room only.

Standing room only.

  Now you can leaf the game on.

Now you can leaf the game on. 

  Best seat in the house.

Best seat in the house.

  Seeing double

Seeing double.

  Now the game's really heating up.

Now the game’s really heating up.

  Up close and personal

Up close and personal.

  What's so hard about cooking?

What’s so hard about cooking?

  Stats 101

Stats 101.

  Now that's some real pillow talk.

Now that’s some real pillow talk. 


Best of luck,


My leather is the finest

Hey guys! Wezel here. Don’t want to brag but I’m pretty much the best quality Wezel you’ll find on this side of Lake Chaubunagungamaug. I’m made of Top Grain leather, which I inherited from my Uncle Saben. People love me because I’m not totally grainless but still have some of that durable grain. That makes me pretty appealing, even to the honeys. Other leathers that are cheaper and lesser quality are like the squirrels of the leather world. They pretend they’re not a rodent- looking all cute and fluffy- but under their disguise of fluff and adorable spastic movements, they are really just rats with a good PR agent. That is what Genuine and Bonded leather is like. Typically spray-painted to look like full or top grain leather. Imposters- I’ll have nothing of it. Let’s just say my skin is durable. I won’t crack or tear like Genuine or Bonded leather- just like my nemesis the squirrel. Cheers, Wezel   WezelWallets1

The story of my birth.

It’s Wezel here. Today is a very special day — you get to hear the story of my birth. Since we’re still getting to know each other, I figured the beginning is a good place to start. So here’s the thing — I was sort of a surprise. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I am a product of an obsession — a leather obsession to be exact. Kyle — he’s the one sporting the king of all beards — loved to collect and mess around with leather strips. I am also a product of functionality. Kyle hated carrying around so much “stuff” in his wallet — what is all that for anyway? Kyle, being the bearded genius that he is, combined the obsession and the pet peeve for the greater good. He created a leather wallet designed just for cards: slim, sleek and manly. Here comes the surprise part. Kyle was simply playing around with his handmade wallet when he shoved two cards together and realized they made the perfect easel for a mobile phone. And thus I was born — the combination of a wallet and an easel — the Wezel. The rest is history. I had my first growth spurt thanks to an awesome Kickstarter fund (be sure to watch the video below). After a patent, lots of social media, and an Awful Waffle launch party, I was growing like a weed. And of course, all of you keep me going today. I may have been a surprise, but it was a pretty wonderful surprise, if I do say so myself. So there you have it. A little bit about me. Be sure to stay tuned — there are more Wezel tales to come.   Cheers, The Wezel